5 - 7 Years Focussing Children's Yoga Classes

5 - 7 Years Focussing Children's Yoga Classes

Through movement, balance and breathing let's get focussed so we can achieve anything! With fun poses like Tree, Tiger and Boat let's change the World!

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5 - 7 Years Focussing Children's Yoga Classes
  • Achieving is fun!

    In this 10 minute class we get to spend some time concentrating on a few of the balancing poses that require us to focus - and when we do, we get so much better! We all wobble sometimes, just try again

  • Let's get focused and confident!

    Fun balancing and breathing poses to get us focussed. Poses include Tree, Surfer and the Frog! In this class we also begin to explore the focussing and confidence boosting powers of affirmations!

  • How are you doing today?

    Let's move to get focussed, as we count through our sun sequence and balance in poses, including Tiger, Tree and Boat. Stretching, moving and focussing on our own bodies and breathing gets us noticing how we’re doing today, calms our minds and to help us feel focussed, alert and content.