Yoga for Exams

Yoga for Exams

Exams are unfortunately part of life, so let's do what we can to make them as bearable as possible - yoga, I know, can definitely help! In this collection we have classes to feel calm, confident and focussed! Yoga can really help us stay calm and perform at our best, perfect for when it is exam time!

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Yoga for Exams
  • Yoga for exam time

    This is a standing space only yoga class, for the classroom or home! Yoga can definitely help us to feel better around exam time! This class is about feeling good and finding ways to unwind and feel positive and confident.

  • Yoga for exam time 2, standing and seated yoga

    Here's another class for you to follow around exam time - to help you stretch out your worries and breath in confidence!
    You only need a small amount of space for this class, so it's ideal for the classroom.

  • Reach your potential!

    Sometimes we all need a confidence booster, a reminder that we can achieve what we set our minds to, and the time to stop and take a deep breath. This is a 3 minute meditation for around exam time, to do just that.