5 - 7 Years Relaxation Children's Yoga Classes

5 - 7 Years Relaxation Children's Yoga Classes

In this collection of children's yoga classes we have time to be still, relax and ask 'How am I feeling today?'. When we feel bad there are ways to recognise this, and techniques we can do to feel better. Let's focus on our breath, stretch and feel fantastic and relaxed.

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5 - 7 Years Relaxation Children's Yoga Classes
  • Be calm & happy

    Feel how good it is to relax… Let’s take 10 minutes out of our fun, busy lives to sit down and lie down to relax. Yes, yoga can make us strong and flexible but it also helps us to stay calm and happy :)

  • Time to take rest

    Just take a rest! Sometimes this is all we need to help us feel better. In this class we get to take a good old stretch, whilst lying on the floor, followed by a guided relaxation to take you to that peaceful, calm place :)

  • Time to relax

    Ask yourself: how are you? It’s important to do this everyday, so that we know how we’re feeling, and can choose to do something to help us feel better, if we need to. This class gets us asking how our body and head are feeling in poses like cat, dog, butterfly and the bee breath, ending with a l...