8 - 11 Years Relaxation Children's Yoga Classes

8 - 11 Years Relaxation Children's Yoga Classes

It is import to pause and ourselves - 'how are we doing today?' These classes give us permission to do just that, focus on our breath, stretch, visualise and feel fantastic!

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8 - 11 Years Relaxation Children's Yoga Classes
  • Take 10 to Chill

    Take 10 minutes to chill out! In this class we consider how many things our body and brain does for us each day - and why we should give our body the rest it deserves. All based around seated and lying down postures that will leave you feeling calm and rested.

  • Relax & Release

    Sometimes, all we really need to help us feel better is a good rest. We lead very busy lives, but just a few poses to release tension and a guided relaxation can work wonders in relieving stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

  • Time just for you

    How are you? We don’t ask ourselves often enough, so lets take 15 minutes here to really pay attention to ourselves, through some useful breathing techniques and calming poses. Moving and thinking about our breathing can help us feel so much better, so let’s stretch out and then enjoy a nice chan...