Yoga for Bedtime

Yoga for Bedtime

Getting enough sleep is so important for children. These yoga classes are designed to help them get ready for a great night of sleep, to feel refreshed and ready for the next day. Sweet dreams!

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Yoga for Bedtime
  • Bedtime Relaxation for Kids (Audio)

    Looking at a screen is not ideal for anyone late at night, especially children, so this video is actually designed just to listen to! Get your child ready into their sleep gear and sitting on the bed before beginning. They'll end up tucked up in bed, hopefully sound asleep :)

  • How to get a child to sleep: Bedtime Yoga

    There are many reasons why a child might struggle getting to sleep, including stress and anxiety. Yoga can help reduce feelings and symptoms of stress and anxiety and help promote a good night's sleep.
    Try this 10 minute class with your child right before bedtime.